20 December 2008

My beef with Globilization

Ive just had an enlightening conversation with a good friend Rob who is Maxine's brothers boyfriend. Rob is from Sydney, Australia and was elected out of 10 candidates (from all of Australia) at the time he graduated university to come and work for the central bank of Australia. It is not very often one becomes acquainted with or let alone friends with a former central bank employee and policy maker, which Rob was. Unfortunately Rob has conclusively and independently come to the same exact conclusion as myself, that the "storm" is coming and that future rampant inflation is inescapable. Our separate conclusions are to move off the grid because of, among other things, the looming economic worldwide crash. It is interesting to note that Rob was considered "Mr. Armageddon" and "Mr. Doom and Gloom" in his former position in worldwide finance firms before any of these bubbles had burst, once again I think the role of pessimist is quite appropriate in these circumstances.

My view is that the ultra rich and powerful people in our world would very much like to see the eradication of the middle class in order to bring about a modern serfdom, as many famous economists and historians believe, such as John Kenneth Galbraith. Upon asking Rob about how our central banks would prevent hyperinflation by way of contracting the seemingly ever increasing money supply in which America is pioneering, he asked, "well who do you think will be affected, the ultra rich, the middle class, or the poor?", his answer was, the middle class will be the ones who are affected by way of tax increases (which the government will use to pay off its liabilities to treasury bonds) and the calling in of loans (for the middle class) which had also been made to increase the money supply and stimulate our economy whereby the Fed and treasury would hope to curb the future hyperinflation which Jake and myself have been conversing about.

I have been studying the history of central banks and the role of the Fed in all historic bailouts and foreign loans and the way in which they create crises for the benefit of the big banks by way of eliminating "competition" from smaller banks and stoking warfare only to benefit politically and industrially to further profits and to strengthen the titans of the globalized corporate banking industry, it seems the more I study the more obvious it all seems. Take for example the current Congolese crisis in which our government has done nothing and has largely ignored. If you follow the money trail from the Congo guerrilla militant general who is a profound and self proclaimed Tutsi supporter, Laurent Nkunda, it will lead you to the US supported and funded president and Tutsi supporter of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, who has received millions (if not billions) in international funding from governments such as the US, UK, and ironically Israel. Israel is ironic because it is supporting genocide on a level very comparable to that which occurred during the holocaust of WW2. Why may you ask have these countries namely America, who should be the leading example, have done nothing? Put quite simply for the rape and pillage of the countries vast natural resources which are widely untapped and contain immense amounts of gold and platinum (which is seen as the ultimate investment in these uncertain economic times), oil (which powers the world), uranium (which "protects" nations from domineering threats), and last but not least minerals which are vital to our daily technological devices such as Blackberrys and Iphones.

It makes me sick that this cycle is repetitive throughout history and I feel that unfortunately Obamas cabinet, especially the U.S. envoy to the UN, Susan Rice has supported these "client" dictators who are responsible for some of the worst genocides since WW2. I pray Obama will part from this stance especially as his father was born in Kenya . Why would the U.S. ever support a genocidal or unjust dictator? I think big business insatiable need for natural resources is the answer, any country or political official whether democratic, communist, or fascist who is seen as a block in the road for the corporatacrocies endeavours must be taken down in the eyes of our United States government, and what has really angered me is that many of these foreign political officials were DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED and have been replaced by puppet dictators (genocidal or not) who have corporate connections. The United States of Americas campaign slogan has been to spread democracy, yet we have in many circumstances done exactly the opposite and our country has a very dark side of history to it, this is a well documented and historically shamed history, yet in the present and the past our mainstream media either chooses to ignore it or puts a happy gloss over it which the worlds, especially Americas, largely ignorant population chooses to accept. I am not a pessimist or a spokesperson for doom and gloom, I believe in learning the facts from multiple unbiased sources (by way of newspapers, books, documentaries and the Internet) and have found that I have an unquenched thirst for knowledge on international relations and would soon like to do my bachelors degree here in London so I can make a difference and kick some of these politicians into shape. I love America and recognize that the only reason this option is even possible to me is because of the freedom our great nation has presented.

Happy Holidays!!

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